In the summer of 2022, I worked as the UX designer for Red Thread Dating. At the time, Red Thread Dating was exploring the world around online dating, outside of just individuals looking for a hook-up or a relationship. I was brought on as the sole UX designer and it was my responsibility to conduct the user research, ideate potential solutions, and provide a prototype for demonstration.


The world of online dating is already a fairly saturated one so I wanted to narrow my focus by establishing some research goals. Red Thread Dating was already trying to tackle the problem of matchmaking so I knew I had a few questions I wanted to find answers to through market and user research.

Research Goals

  1. How are the existing dating apps not meeting the needs of its users?
  2. How do users perceive the quality of the matches they receive?
  3. What roles do other people play in an individual’s dating life?

User Interviews

I conducted five interviews with men and women of varied sexual orientations and relationship statuses in order to get a diverse pool of participants. After conducting the interviews, I was able to organize their responses and sort them into common themes.

Empathy Map.jpg

Design Process


Personas are a great tool to use to better visualize who I should be designing for. I synthesized the responses of our interview participants to create three personas that represent the potential users of the product:

  1. The Exhausted Serial Dater
  2. The Struggling Romantic
  3. The Nosy (But Encouraging) Friend

Personas 1.jpg


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